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Red's Anytime Bail Bonds is a top Denver bail bond agency that provides a variety of high quality services for your convenience. Our agents will work with you to ensure you receive the best deal.

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Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds has been on Bail Bond Row on Delaware St. since 1989. It is owned and operated by “Red” who has been in the Bail Bonding Industry for 25 years. With his experience he lends a helpful hand to his customers as well as to the community.

Red was joined by his son D.J. in the fall of 1994. D.J. has been licensed for 14 years in the bail bonding industry and has helped hundreds of people get out of jail. You can count on Red and D.J. for all of your bail bonding needs.

If you have a loved one in jail, you need a dependable bondsman who won't mess around with price. Why not call the most experienced Denver bail bondsman who will focus on getting your loved one out of jail A.S.A.P.

What is a Bond?Walk Through Bond - If you are in danger of being incarcerated because of a warrant for your arrest, we can help to avoid going to jail by issuing you a "WALK THROUGH BOND".

Cash Bail - Cash bail means a person must give the court the total amount of the bail in cash. The cash will be held by the court until the defendant appears to all of his/her court cases and the case is concluded. Full cash bonds provide a powerful incentive for the defendant to appear in court. If the defendant appears for all of his/her scheduled court appearances, the cash bail should be returned in full.

Surety Bond - An alternative to cash bail is a surety bond. This process involves a contractual undertaking guaranteed by an admitted insurance company having adequate assets to satisfy the face value of the bond. The bail agent guarantees to the court that they will pay the bond forfeiture if a defendant fails to appear for their scheduled court appearances. The bail agent’s guarantee is made through a surety company and/or by pledging property owned by the bail agent.

For this service, the defendant is charged a premium. Prior to the posting of the surety bond, the defendant, friend or relative must contact a licensed bail agent. Once a bail agent is contacted, an interview or appointment will be immediately scheduled.

By involving the family and friends of a defendant cosigning the bond, as well as through the acceptance of collateral, the bail agent can be reasonably assured that the defendant released on a surety bond will appear to all of his/her court appearances.

After this procedure is completed, the bail agent will post a bond for the full bail amount, financially guaranteeing the defendant’s return to court as scheduled.

With money on the line, the bail agent has a financial interest in supervising bailees, and ensuring that they appear in court each end every time the court orders them to appear. If the defendant does not appear in court (skips), the bail agent has time and the financial incentive to find the defendant and bring him/her to court.

Property Bond - In rare cases an individual may be released by posting a property bond with the court. With a property bond, the court records a lien on the property to secure the bail amount. If the defendant fails to appear in court as scheduled, the court may foreclose on the property to obtain the forfeited bail amount.

Release on Personal (Own) Recognizance (P.R.) - Another method of release, pending trial, is through a county or law enforcement administered pre-trial release program. Usually, the employees of these programs interview defendants in custody and make recommendations to the court regarding the release of these individuals on their own recognizance (i.e., without any financial security to insure the defendant’s return).

The interview process is often conducted over the telephone, usually with little inquiry into the defendant’s background. The interview process attempts to determine whether the detainee is likely to appear in court. There is usually no verification of information provided by the defendant. Since no money, property or bond is posted to secure the defendant’s appearance in court, he/she faces no personal economic hardship from the conscious decision not to appear in court.

Release on Citation (Cite Out) - This procedure involves the issuance of a citation by the arresting officer to the arrestee, informing the arrestee that he/she must appear in court at an appointed court date.

The "Cite Out" usually occurs immediately after an individual is arrested. As a consequence of the failure to follow complete booking procedures, the true identity and background of most individuals released on citation is never established. This results in the release of numerous arrestees who may have outstanding bench warrants pending or who may present a significant danger to society.

Accordingly, in those cases involving "Cite Outs", the arrestee may never be placed in custody. Like the Own Recognizance (O.R.) release, the defendant’s appearance in court depends exclusively on the integrity of the defendant voluntarily returning to court as ordered by the court.

How Bail Works

When an individual is arrested for a crime, the person is typically taken to a local detention facility for booking prior to incarceration in a lock-up station or county jail. Once arrested and booked, the defendant has several options for release pending the conclusion of his or her case. The one suited for most is to get a bail bond.

A bail bond is the amount of money that a defendant needs to pay in order to get out of jail while awaiting the completion of his or her criminal trial. This money will be refunded to the payee of the bail bond as long as the defendant completes his or her full legal obligation.

The amount of the bail bond is based on the crime that a defendant has been accused of committing and can be many thousands of dollars. Because many individuals do not have the funds in cash to pay for their bail, they turn to a professional bail bonding agent to help fund the bail. In exchange for payment for the full amount of the bail bond, a bail bonding agent will charge the defendant a down payment for his or her services. Red's Anytime Bail Bonding provides flexible payment options for defendants so that no matter what your financial situation, we can partner with you to get your loved one out of jail. Call us today or any time you are in need of a reliable bail bonding agent to have on your side!

Who is Responsible
The co-signer holds a lot of responsibility when entering an agreement with the bail agent, in that, if the defendant fails to appear, the cosigner is immediately responsible for the full amount of the bail. Also, if the bail agent searches for and then finds the defendant, the cosigner is again
responsible for all expenses the bail agent has acquired in this process.

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Denver Bail Bond Company: A Freeing Experience

Getting arrested is not something you can prepare for. In the event that you or someone you love is unexpectedly taken into custody, having your Denver Bail Bond Company on your side could be an immense help. There are a number of infractions that can result in arrest. Sometimes, due to the nature of the crime, law enforcement officials have no choice but to perform an arrest. No matter who gets arrested, their friends and family members are likely to share the arrested person's concern: "How do I get out of jail quickly and legally?" In situations like this the services of a Denver Bail Bond Company are needed.

Whenever someone is arrested, an arraignment is scheduled shortly thereafter. At the arraignment, a county judge will review the reasons for arrest and determine an amount needed for release of the arrested person, called the "defendant". This cost, called bail, might be as little as a few hundred dollars or as much as millions of dollars. Many families cannot afford to pay the full bail amount, and it's for people like this that the Denver Bail Bond Company was created.

When bail is posted in a timely manner, the defendant is returned to his ordinary activities until scheduled to return for sentencing. Your local Denver Bail Bond Company can get your loved one out of jail in as little as a few hours, for a small fee. Being freed from jail means they're able to go about their business with no restrictions, as long as they return to court for their court date.

But Why Do I Need a Denver Bail Bond Company?

Getting arrested can create a severe interruption of a person's life. People have lost jobs, ruined relationships, and lost momentum due to an unexpected arrest. Jail is a world entirely within itself. When you're there, you have no access to the outside. An unexpected arrest could cost you your home if you have no job and no way to pay the mortgage.

Don't worry - a professional Denver Bail Bond Company can help you get out in no time at all. It’s still necessary for the defendant to attend hearings the court has set and obey the judge’s sentence, but they’re now able to continue a reasonably normal life until that time. The destructive impact an arrest can have on one’s life is diminished with the assistance of a professional Denver Bail Bond Company. It’s not even necessary to understand the full depth of how bail bonds work. Bail bonds can be complex, but getting one via a professional Denver Bail Bond Company can be an easy and painless experience.

Denver Bail Bond Company: How They Work

The first thing you must do is select a dependableDenver Bail Bond Company and tell them you’re in need of their assistance. There will be a fee for their help. Call us from anywhere in the county.

Basically, a bail bond is a guarantee to the court that the defendant will attend all their court dates or be charged for their bail. If a person has a long, contentious history with law enforcement, the chosen Denver Bail Bond Company might choose not to work with them. Once the Denver Bail Bond Company has posted bail and their client is released, they naturally expect their client to faithfully attend all future court dates.

If, after release, the defendant either forgets or refuses to attend their court dates, the matter of their promise to the bail bonds company and the court begins to get complicated. The total amount of bail has become the responsibility of the Denver Bail Bond Company, and when the defendant refuses to appear as scheduled, the court turns to the bail bondsmen to pay their debt. The bail bondsmen will turn to the signers of the bail bond form, the defendant and their witness, to claim this bail money as money owed. If you’re considering using the services of a Denver Bail Bond Company, you must not miss any court dates or you will create a very difficult situation for everyone involved.

Achieving Freedom with Your Denver Bail Bond Company

It’s important to pay back our obligations to society, and the assistance of a Denver Bail Bond Company can make that task much easier. It’s absolutely necessary that you attend your court dates as promised. Far from giving you the “easy out”, a reputable Denver Bail Bond Company encourages you to assume responsibility for your legal and financial obligations.

You might think you’ll never need the help of a bail bondsman, but wouldn’t you feel safer knowing you have a plan just in case? It’s always best to be prepared in case of an unexpected run-in with the law. In case you or anyone you know is arrested, having the name and number of a reputable Denver Bail Bond Company on hand could be very valuable. Just by being prepared, you could save someone the loss of their savings and their future.

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